About Us

  • Our History

    During the Cold War and amidst an energy crisis, Wes Hiller Sr. recognized the need for reliable products and unmatched service.  Incorporated in 1975, Hiller Sr. founded Hiller Fuels Inc. – a coal mining and marketing entity with a focus in sales of bituminous coal.

    In the early 1980s, our business activities focused on stoker and small industrial users.  Later, Hiller sold its eastern Kentucky coal interests and processing tipples to Nerco Coal Company (A Pacific Power and Light Company).

    Cessna-JetIn 1985, we formed The Hiller Group, Inc. which grew to a top-tier aviation fuel distributor, later becoming one of the largest suppliers of general aviation fuel representing the Chevron/Texaco brands in North America.  In 2010, the Hiller’s aviation interests were sold to a NYSE listed conglomerate.

    Hiller Carbon continued to expand into specialty coal markets while providing carbon products to the EAF steel industry.  Today, our primary commerce centers on carbon and specialized mineral marketing and processing.

    Hiller Carbon continues to provide its diversified product offering by engaging in industries requiring specialized and tailored raw material solutions.

  • Company

    Hiller-Family-of-CompaniesMore than 45 years later, Hiller Carbon LLC is a competitive supplier of specialty carbon products and other minerals to the EAF steel, paper, foundry, lime, industrial and other chemical industries.  Hiller is an integrated energy solutions provider where customized products, distribution and freight expertise create value and deliver results.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • Carbon products
    • Operation of carbon processing and milling operations.
    • Supply chain management, including transportation logistics.
    • Product quality management

    Hiller Carbon is a manufacturing, marketing and distribution company with supply partners throughout the country.  Hiller Carbon is a primary supplier of raw materials, supplying many domestic electric arc steel producers.  Our primary carbon product lines are used in electric arc furnaces.

    Hiller Carbon meets the demands and expectations of its customers through a variety of services including financing, consulting, warehousing, transporting, and processing.

    Hiller Carbon operates by 4 guiding principles:

    1. Safety – Always doing the right thing with a concern for our teammates, customers and business partners.

    2.  Integrity – Always mindful of our teammates, customers and business partners by being polite, courteous, friendly and attentive.

    3.  Reputation – Accountable for the Hiller reputation and brand, which is built by a collection of experiences between customers, our business partners and us.

    4.  Efficiency – Striving to always be efficient while creating value for the goods and services we supply

  • Your Value-Added Partner

    transport-TruckHiller Carbon strives to continuously provide innovative product solutions with quality people, quality products and quality processes.