• The Power of P3
    Quality People, Quality Products, Quality Processes.

    Our belief that the proper alignment of people, process and product produces superior results, leading to long-term business relationships. Our strength stems from the networking of highly experienced people, seasoned relationships and quality products.
  • Integrity is Everything
    Product integrity is at the heart of the way we do business. From manufacturing to distribution to our customers, it’s a formalized process throughout Hiller’s entities.
  • Logistics
    Hiller Carbon excels at solving complex logistical issues

Technical Innovation and Value-Added Service

With our clients foremost in mind, Hiller Carbon will do its utmost to innovate technically while providing value-added services in a bid to become a global high quality service provider for all its clients.



Hiller provides pulverized bituminous coal for industrial and chemical applications. We provide bituminous coal to industrial users for electricity generation.


Steel and Foundry

Hiller Carbon is a major supplier to the EAF steel industry supplying a wide range of high quality carbon products.



Discover the typical advantages of Pulverized Petroleum Coke and the many ways Hiller Carbon can help you.

Rubber and Plastics

Finely processed pulverized coal and manufactured petroleum cokes used as black filler and pigment for industrial applications.


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