When you consider the potential fuel cost benefits compared with fuel oil or natural gas, surprisingly few mills use Petroleum Coke as their primary fuel source. Projects to convert lime recovery kilns to Petcoke firing are often initiated as a reaction to the prevailing prices of existing fuels. Mills that proceeded with a fuel conversion project have achieved significant savings and find that Petcoke has several advantages over other fuels. Predicted future increases in existing fuel prices are likely to further promote the use of Petroleum Coke in lime recovery kilns.

Typical Advantages Of Pulverized Petroleum Coke

  • High calorific value unit of coke by weight
  • Consistent analysis, predictable results
  • Very low ash content
  • Low transportation cost per unit of heat
  • Chemical stability
  • Non-absorbent
  • Low likelihood of spontaneous combustion
  • Lower explosive potential
  • Lower mill maintenance
  • Lower cost per unit of heat
  • Sulfur dioxide is absorbed in the process
  • Higher kiln temperature
  • Lower dusting